Who is Ron Higgins?
An engineer who retired from the US Department of Energy in 2009; certificated math teacher in both Washington State and California; substitute teacher in six public school districts in Washington State, including Richland, since 2009, and for both public and charter schools in inner-city Los Angeles, in 2015; married to Deborah since 1983; two grown children, both Richland High School and Columbia Basin College graduates; a Richland resident since 1978.

Why is Ron Higgins running for School Board?
To maintain local control of education and ensure parents remain the ultimate authority for their children’s education.  The educational hierarchy is trying to force on us costly programs of questionable benefit which override local control, jeopardize student and parental rights, and burden us with unneeded testing and courses while restricting teachers’ creativity. Common Core, which takes control from parents and local educators and gives it to distant bureaucrats, many who have never been classroom teachers, is one such program.  Common Sense, NOT Common Core!

Build on the Past
Instruct children in the principles contained in our nation’s founding documents (Declaration of Independence and US Constitution).

Value the Present
Promote sobriety and healthy lifestyles.
Protect personnel from violence. 
Oppose mandatory vaccinations.

Prepare for the Future
Affirm the authority of parents over their children.
Treat boys as boys and girls as girls. 
Make required courses more relevant. 
Oppose government-controlled early childhood education.
Maintain high literary standards.

Investigate ways to assist educators by:
Eliminating unneeded testing.
Reducing teachers’ administrative burden. 
Affirming educators’ rights to voluntarily join unions.
Enhancing teachers’ career flexibility.

Ron Higgins’ Background
Certificated Math Teacher in Washington State Credentialed Math Teacher in California
Substitute Teacher. Taught all grades K-12, including bi-lingual and special ed; taught in alternative high schools, the juvenile justice center, and in rural, suburban, and inner city schools.
Engineer – US Department of Energy (Retired)
Lt Colonel, US Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)
Vietnam Veteran – Helicopter Pilot
MS, University of Washington, 1980
MS, University of West Florida, 1970
BS, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 1969
Registered Professional Engineer - Mechanical
School Bus Driver – Pasco Schools 2010-11
Community Service – Youth soccer referee; Boy Scouts; Bible Study Fellowship children’s leader; Red Cross blood platelet donor; Ignite youth mentoring; Union Gospel Mission
Personal - Married to wife Deborah since 1983.  One son and one daughter; son: BS from Gonzaga Univ. and MBA from the Univ. of Southern California, swam for the US in the Para-Pan-American Games in 2011; daughter: BS from Walla Walla Univ. and PhD from WSU Pullman.

Education, NOT Indoctrination!

Website: www.citizensforronhiggins.com
Email: [email protected]
Address: 806 Cedar Avenue, Richland, WA 99352
Phone: (509) 946-3596
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